Lasha Babuadze, the founder of Iberia Product
Lasha Babuadze, the founder of Iberia Product

Schirnhofer Favorite Meat Product Brand in Georgia For Traditional Quality, Large Variety, Great Taste

June 15, 2024
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Austrian meat product brand Schirnhofer has become a favorite among Georgian customers thanks to its traditional quality, large variety, and great taste.

Schirnhofer has been the top choice for sausages and meat products imported to Georgia for years, and it has again been named as the favorite meat product brand among Georgian consumers in a survey that involved more than 2,000 customers and over 100 experts.

Schirnhofer thus now holds the prestigious Golden Brand award for the third year in a row.

We sat down with Lasha Babuadze, Founder of Everest 2010, a distribution company that imports Schirnhofer to Georgia, to review the brand’s success in our country.

Q. This is Schirnhofer’s third Golden Brand win. Despite increased competition, the Austrian brand remains popular among customers. How does it maintain this popularity?

A. Yes, it is true that the Georgian market for sausages and meat products is highly competitive, but Schirnhofer is not afraid of healthy competition. The company’s main advantage is the high European quality of its traditional products and the high standard of service in its stores.

The idea has always been to offer the best quality meat products, and our efforts have been appreciated by customers.

Schirnhofer’s products have long been loved by Georgian consumers. And along with the continuous recognition at the Golden Brand Awards, the double-digit sales figures prove it.

Schirnhofer meat products are very popular and in demand among Georgian consumers for their quality and taste, though they are not cheap. The demand for goods with raw materials from Austria and recipes is also increasing each year.

I would also like to express our appreciation and gratitude for this award. Being recognized with an award which is so influential in our country is truly an exhilarating experience. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication that we put into our craft. The feeling of accomplishment and validation that comes with receiving an award is unparalleled and makes all the effort and energy invested in the work worthwhile. So, thank you!

Q. Although Georgian customers know about the Austrian brand, please tell us which specific products are imported and sold in Georgia, and where?

A. Schirnhofer provides a range of meat delicacies, Austrian cheese, and cookies made with Austrian technology, all produced using only Austrian meat. The company has over 600 varieties of meat products, and it produces 12,000 tons of meat and sausage products per year. Schirnhofer’s strict quality control begins at each of its 630 partner farms, and quality control is paramount at every stage of production. The company uses ultra-modern technologies and laboratories and holds an IFC (International Food Standard) certificate that ensures product quality control.

Schirnhofer stores offer more than 50 varieties of meat delicacies and more than 10 varieties of Austrian cheese in Georgia. They also bake about 20 types of bread with Austrian raw materials and recipes. The Schirnhofer cafeteria, which is open at every Schirnhofer store in Tbilisi, offers a variety of dishes, such as hot dogs, pizza, fried potatoes, onion and squid rings, and delicious sandwiches.

Q. When was Schirnhofer first introduced in Georgia?

A. Schirnhofer was founded in 1926 by Joseph Schirnhofer, and it has become one of the largest Austrian meat product manufacturers. Karl Schirnhofer, Joseph’s son, continued the family business and began producing sausages with his mother in 1950. Karl was also a founder of the Schirnhofer Company in Georgia, which entered the Georgian market in 2007 and quickly gained popularity among customers for its affordability, variety, and top-quality products.

Q. How would you characterize the Georgian market and its competitive environment?

A. The Georgian market for sausages and meat products is saturated and thus highly competitive.

Recent years’ high economic growth rates, strengthened national currency, and reduced inflation have positively affected the overall environment, fostering healthy competition.

Georgia has been recognized for its favorable conditions for doing business by the World Bank, for example.

We all know that fierce competition is beneficial to both consumers and companies, as well as the overall market environment. Schirnhofer has established a strong position in Georgia and has earned the affection of local customers. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, and to maintaining the trust they have placed in us.

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