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Black Adam 2 Seemingly Dead After The Rock Unfollows Warner Bros.

December 17, 2022
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The Rock is no longer following the official Instagram pages for Black Adam and Warner Bros.

Fans taking a closer look at Instagram account noticed that following Cavill’s announcement, The Rock unfollowed the official pages for Black Adam and Warner Bros. Discovery. This could be a subtle sign that he’s washing his hands of Black Adam if he now knows for sure that he’s not coming back for a sequel.

It’s starting to seem like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants to put Black Adam behind him and move forward after the major shakeup that took place at DC Studios. Following the release of Black Adam, which was meant to spawn spinoffs, sequels, and more of Henry Cavill’s Superman, Peter Safran and James Gunn were hired to steer the ship for all DC projects for Warner Bros. Discovery. As the new bosses map out the next decade of the DCU, some planned projects are getting tossed, such as Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3.

Cavill has also announced that he’s finished with his role as Superman despite his Black Adam return. This announcement seemingly lent credence to the rumors that Black Adam 2 wouldn’t be moving forward under the Safran/Gunn regime.

While the “Shazam!” spin-off was praised by some, many critics and fans were let down by the movie. NPR’s Glen Weldon called Johnson’s performance “under-seasoned” and “ponderous.” IndieWire reporter David Ehrlich referred to “Black Adam” as a “lifeless spectacle” and called the characters “a cheap photocopy of one from Gotham or the [Marvel Cinematic Universe].”

Also, “Black Adam” performed poorly at the box office, earning $400 million worldwide against a $195 million budget — which doesn’t include marketing and other costs related to promotion and distribution. However, Johnson disputed claims that “Black Adam” would lose between $50 million and $100 million. In a tweet, Johnson cited financiers, saying “Black Adam” would net between $52 million and $72 million.

There’s still hope for “Black Adam” to do well now that it’s streaming on HBO Max for its millions of subscribers. Plus, the movie is making its streaming debut over the holiday season, which could strengthen its chances.

“Black Adam” premiered in theaters on October 21. It centers around Teth-Adam (Johnson), a superhuman from ancient Kahndaq who used his godly powers for vengeance and was then quickly imprisoned. After nearly 5,000 years, present-day archeologists free Adam so he can help save Kahndaq from the crime syndicate Intergang. However, he’s provoked by the Justice Society: Doctor Fate (played by Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell).

Another superhero movie with an antihero, “Morbius” was a box office flop and bombed an embarrassing two times in theaters, only earning $163 million worldwide and $74 million domestically with a budget of $75 million. Despite not making a satisfactory profit, Sony thankfully has a multiyear deal with Netflix, so the movie was a success after all. “Morbius” made it to Netflix’s top 10 list when it debuted on the service in September.

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