Irakli Gabriadze
Irakli Gabriadze, Country Manager of P&G Caucasus and Central Asian Republics

Pampers Wins Golden Brand Award as Favorite Children’s Hygienic Product

June 15, 2024
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Pampers, a storied American brand of baby and toddler products marketed by Procter & Gamble, has been honored with the prestigious Golden Brand award in Georgia, a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

This recognition comes at a time when Pampers has been making strides in enhancing its product line, particularly with the successful launch of the Pampers Poo Pocket innovation in the Pampers Pants franchise.

Irakli Gabriadze, Country Manager of P&G Caucasus and Central Asian Republics, told Golden Brand that Pampers has also demonstrated its dedication to the local community through the renewal and expansion of its hospital program in Georgia.

“We are so proud to have renewed and expanded our hospital program, which aims to provide over 10,000 Pampers products and educational materials for Georgian parents and their newborns. Through this program, we are able to reach over 30% of newborn babies in Georgia, ensuring Pampers is the first thing their sensitive skin touches,” he said.

Q. Pampers has recently won the Golden Brand award in the ‘Children’s Hygienic Products’ category. What do you think makes Pampers deserving of this recognition?

A. Pampers is a global brand that has centered its mission on working towards improving the lives of babies and their parents since 1961. We provide products of the highest quality and superior performance and value to serve the needs of consumers around the world. We are truly passionate about meeting the needs of families and babies in our mission of providing innovative and superior products while supporting the happy, healthy development of babies and their future.

I believe this award reflects Pampers’ consistent and continuous dedication to serving consumers. In this respect, listening and learning from our Georgian consumers has always been an integral factor in our success. Through listening and working with parents and their little ones to understand and ensure their needs are met, we can constantly improve our products in a way that best serves and delights our consumers.

Q. Let’s talk about the advantages of Pampers as a product. We see the market is saturated with different brands of hygiene products for our children. What makes Pampers competitive and outstanding among all the others?

A. Pampers is fully committed to delivering innovation led by research and input from leaders in neonatal and pediatric care that are supportive of every baby’s happy, healthy development. We pledge to protect every baby’s skin from day one and are committed to working with clinicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals to further advocate for skin health science because every baby deserves a healthy, happy start from womb to world. That is why we clinically and dermatologically test our diapers and consider independent experts’ opinions before putting our products out onto the market.

Transparency is important to consumers and it is even more important to us, which is why we ensure quality and safety at every step of the manufacturing process across state-of-the-art production facilities around the world. To deliver on the Pampers Safety Promise, we follow the highest quality standards, which are validated by internationally recognized organizations.

Q. Can you share any recent developments of Pampers as a brand in Georgia?

A. We recently launched the Pampers Poo Pocket innovation in our Pampers Pants franchise, which proved to be an immense success amongst parents. This innovation helps stop leakage while providing babies a 360 degree comfort fit. Alongside this, we have renewed and expanded our hospital program, which I mentioned earlier.

Q. Please also introduce us to the company that imports and distributes Pampers in Georgia and other brands in its portfolio.

A. Pampers is owned by The Procter and Gamble Company, which was founded in 1837. For over 185 years, we have challenged the norm and inspired the future—from the products we put on the shelf to the people we bring on our team. Our extensive product portfolio ranges from cleaning, health, and hygiene products with iconic brands such as Ariel, Fairy, and Oral-B just to name a few.

At P&G, we are committed to being “a Force for Growth and a Force for Good”, meaning our people and our brands have a shared goal of improving the health and well-being of the communities we touch.

Our distributor company in Georgia is Diplomat, which we have been proudly partnering with for over 16 years to ensure our products are always at reach of our consumers.

Q. Lastly, I would like to know about the future plans of Pampers for the Georgian market.

A. We will continue to serve and delight Georgian parents and babies, ensuring tailor-made products that improve the lives of parents and their little ones. In addition to this, just like everyone else, we are very excited for the Paris 2024 Olympics. As P&G, we have been proud Worldwide Olympics Partners for more than a decade and are gearing up for a strong Olympics activation with Pampers in Georgia and part of our greater P&G Olympics initiative.

At Pampers, we believe in the power of working together – with parents, experts and our valued partners – to make babies’ world better, today and in the future. And we will carry on our dedication to improving everyday life as a Force for Growth and a Force for Good — for you, for the world, and for generations to come.

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