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Minecraft Live 2022 blog: Latest news, what to expect, and everything announced so far

October 14, 2022
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The next year of the Minecraft universe is revealed during Minecraft Live.

Minecraft changed the video game industry forever when it released in 2009 thanks to its unique blend of survival and crafting mechanics. Since then, the Minecraft community has continued to expand alongside the franchise, which is now comprised of multiple games and editions, merch and media, and more. Once a year, Mojang Studios hosts a Minecraft Live event to share what’s in store for the Minecraft universe over the next year.

Minecraft Live 2022 will reveal the latest news and announcements for vanilla Minecraft, the still-growing action-RPG Minecraft Dungeons, and even the exciting, upcoming action-strategy Minecraft Legends. Players can also look forward to the return of the annual Minecraft Mob Vote, when the community can vote on one of three mobs to be added to Minecraft in a future update.

Both current Minecraft titles are some of the most amazing games you can play, and Minecraft Legends looks set to join them. With so much buzz surrounding the games and Minecraft Live 2022, it could be easy to miss important news. Fortunately, Windows Central is live blogging the entire event with every trailer and announcement, as well as exclusive commentary from the Windows Central team. Bookmark this space so you don’t miss a thing!

The Minecraft Mob Vote discussions are heating up

With the official Minecraft channel finally tossing some wood onto the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022 fire, discussions among members of the Minecraft community are heating up. Everyone is dividing into clear-cut sects arguing for each of the three mobs to win. Although… one mob appears to be cutting through the noise better than the rest, or at least its fans are awfully vocal.

My personal pick of the bunch, the Sniffer, is swarming Twitter with fan art of all kinds and repeated calls to vote for it. The Rascal and Tuff Golem are putting up a valiant effort, but has this year’s Mob Vote winner already been decided? Of course, I’m biased for my plant-shrouded fren, so perhaps I’m only seeing what I want to see. Either way, anything can happen in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, and we won’t know the definitive answer until Mojang Studios reveals it during tomorrow’s show. — Zachary Boddy


Encountering server issues when voting in the Minecraft Mob Vote? You’re not alone

Several members of the Minecraft community, myself included, have been encountering server issues on Minecraft.net, preventing us from submitting our vote in the Minecraft Live Mob Vote. It’s likely that a huge number of players are currently swarming the Mob Vote. Fortunately, it seems that the voting process is more reliable when done through the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server or the Minecraft Launcher. If you’d still prefer or need to be able to vote online, keep trying periodically over the next few hours. Remember, you have a full 24 hours to cast your vote! — Zachary Boddy

Image of the Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022.
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios | Twitter)


The Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 officially kicks off voting

The Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022 is opening its doors for players to begin voting. Three mobs are vying for victory this year: the adorable and ancient Sniffer, the secretive and mischievous Rascal, and the decorative and customizable Tuff Golem. You can read everything you need to know about each mob and how the Mob Vote works at the link above, but we’ll summarize the important bits for you here.

Players will have the next 24 hours to cast their vote — until Friday, Oct. 14, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. CT / Noon ET / 5:00 p.m. BST (when Minecraft Live 2022 begins) — for one of the three mob choices. You can only choose one, but you may change your vote as many times as you like during the 24-hour period. To vote, players will need to sign into their Microsoft Account and cast their vote in a special Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server, the Minecraft Launcher, or on Minecraft.net.

The competition is stiff this year, with each of the three mobs bringing something unique to the Minecraft universe should they win. The Minecraft community is bound to be divided, but what about the Windows Central team? Here’s the mob of choice, the reasoning behind it, for some of us here at Windows Central (starting with me).

While the Tuff Golem’s adorably stoic, stony frame calls out to my heart, there’s only one mob for whom I’ll vote in this year’s Minecraft Mob Vote: The Sniffer. Resurrecting a long-extinct species of mob brings enticing new lore into the Minecraft universe, and that’s without mentioning the prospect of the exciting new plant life the Sniffer would bring with them. Of course, the Sniffer is also just plain cute. — Zachary Boddy

While Mojang has put forward three intriguing mobs this year, my vote lies with the Sniffer. It’s not only a chance to grow your own adorable mob — the exotic plants they’ll unearth add a ton of new opportunities for landscaping and exploring the world of horticulture. I’m already drafting up plans for a killer tropical greenhouse for when the update (hopefully) arrives. — Matt Brown

I want to see the Tuff Golems win. Golems are awesome, and the idea of one that’s extra tuff is simply delightful. They’re super-customizable and super-loyal, so what is there not to like? — Samuel Tolbert

My pick has to be the Sniffer. While the Rascal’s enchanted-items-in-a-mineshaft sounds like a great addition to Minecraft’s repertoire, it’s hard to turn down the idea of getting a new mob and new plants to go along with it. I want to see what sorts of amazing ancient plants Sniffers could dig up and all the cool enchantments or other materials that can be crafted with them. — Nick Sutrich

I’m picking the obvious choice: the Rascal. My favorite element of Minecraft has never been the building or creativity — these require patience which I don’t possess. No, the real pull of the game for me is exploration, and spelunking away into the caves is my first port of call. Going on an underground adventure with the chance of discovering a Rascal would add an extra layer of excitement for me. The Rascal is in itself a mini-game, dropping sweet loot if you manage to spot them three times; What’s not to love about loot? — Jennifer Young

23:28:40 – October 12, 2022

Greetings! It’s that time of year again — Minecraft Live is right around the corner, where Mojang Studios and the talented team behind the Minecraft universe will share a peek at what they’re working on.

We’re expecting plenty of big announcements for Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Legends, and there may be some surprises in store, too. Of course, you can’t afford to miss the annual mob vote inspiring passionate discussions across the Minecraft community. Minecraft fans simply can’t afford to ignore Minecraft Live 2022.

Windows Central will be providing live coverage of the Minecraft spectacle over the next couple of days. We’ll start by covering the Minecraft Mob Vote — including some personal picks from the Windows Central team — and post regular updates to this space as news arrives and the Minecraft Live 2022 event kicks off. Be sure to check in regularly, and thanks for joining! — Zachary Boddy, Windows Central Gaming News Writer

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