Elene Gvaramadze, Deputy Director of Kährs Georgia
Elene Gvaramadze, Deputy Director of Kährs Georgia

Kährs Georgia Brings New Brand of Austrian Parquet Producer to Georgian Market

June 15, 2024
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Kährs Georgia, an exclusive importer of Swedish flooring materials, has started 2024 with exciting news – MAFI, a well-known Austrian company that produces parquets of various designs, is now on display in its showroom at 2 Vazha-Pshavela Avenue in the capital city of Tbilisi.

In an interview with Golden Brand, Elene Gvaramadze, Deputy Director of Kährs Georgia, revealed that the company plans to invest in developing a rebranding and pursue new projects this year.

Kährs has been supplying products to more than 70 countries, including Georgia, since 2019. Today Kährs floors can be found in homes, offices, shops, hotels, concert halls, theaters and sports arenas across the country, and the company is proud of its strong presence on the Georgian market.

Q. Kährs Georgia has won its second Golden Brand award and maintained the title of ‘favorite flooring materials’ brand. How did the company manage to maintain this title from the previous award ceremony to now?

A. Our success can be attributed to the global popularity of the Kährs company. As you are aware, this brand has maintained its position as a world leader for the past twelve years. This is a result of the company’s 170 years of continuous development and innovation in the field of flooring.

Q. What are the latest developments at Kährs Georgia?

A. The current year is quite busy for us as we worked on a fantastic project. We have some exciting news for our customers – MAFI, a well-known Austrian company that produces parquets of various designs, is now on display in our showroom.

We are the exclusive and official importers of three world-leading companies in Georgia. Our range of products includes parquet, vinyl, medical and commercial flooring, care products which come from the Swedish brand of Kährs.

The second brand is the Austrian company Mafi, which is famous for creating parquet works of art. They also provide customers with stair covering, table surfaces, and ceiling covering with parquet. They can even bend and glue the parquet to round walls.

Finally, we also import materials needed for laying parquet such as glue, soil, cleaning agents, and other fine materials from the German company Pallmann.

Q. Kährs Georgia was planning to open a new showroom. When should we expect an expansion?

A. Yes, we do have plans to expand our business. However, we have recently received a decision to hold off on opening a new branch for the time being. Instead, we will be investing all our resources in developing a new rebranding company and seeking out new projects. As we mentioned before, we are currently in the process of establishing this new company and focusing on its development.

Q. You have also added a new collection to your portfolio –  Beyond Retro. What makes this collection special and what features does it have?

A. This collection is renowned for its unique color palette and surface treatment. Kährs itself describes it as a collection that draws inspiration from the past but is designed for the future.

The collection features soft, silky color tones, tulle, a deep matte effect, and an ultra-matte surface. This innovative treatment is new to the global market.

Q. Kährs Georgia also offers floor care products. Please review these products and share your tips on proper floor care.

A. The proper care of parquet is essential to maintaining its original appearance and longevity. Incorrect maintenance and use of inappropriate products may cause damage and cuts to the floor.

It is important to use different cleaning methods and products for oiled and varnished parquet. Oiled parquet requires a protective coating to prevent it from darkening while ensuring easy maintenance.

All our floor care products are safe for pets and children as they are eco-friendly.

Q. From which segment is the highest demand for Kährs products and which of them are the most popular?

A. Spruce flooring remained trendy in 2022-2023 as well as French and English styles of laying parquet. The natural oak color flooring known as Genban is also a popular choice of many as it goes well with all style interiors.

2023 was busy with private projects. We cooperated with many designers and delivered a large number of private projects. We also worked on sports halls and hotels.

As a result of our team’s tireless work and commitment, annual sales double from year to year. This encourages us to maintain our quality and service.

Q. Kährs Georgia has been the official importer of the Swedish brand since 2019. However, due to the pandemic, it was a challenge to maintain the brand’s development in our market. How did you manage to establish and position the brand correctly, deal with risks and crises, and secure advanced positions in such a short period of time?

A. I want to highlight the impact of the pandemic on our company. We faced a significant challenge and struggled to make progress for some time. But thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication, we have managed to overcome obstacles and reach our current position.

Despite the setback caused by the pandemic, we have established ourselves as a market leader. We are committed to maintaining our high standards and constantly seeking new ways to improve our offerings, from top-quality parquet to exceptional customer service.

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