Lika Lobzhanidze, founder and director of ArtPharma
Lika Lobzhanidze, founder and director of ArtPharma

Vitaferol – Top Vitamin D brand in Georgia

June 15, 2024
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Vitaferol, a premium -quality vitamin D, imported and distributed in Georgia by trusted pharmaceutical company ArtPharma, has maintained its position as the top vitamin D brand for the second year in a row, earning the prestigious Golden Brand award.

Lika Lobzhanidze, founder and director of ArtPharma, said the company has been promoting wide portfolio of food supplements, containing vitamin D, for prevention as a part of its main goal to improve public health in Georgia.

She added that with Vitaferol’s reputation for quality, safety, and effectiveness, more and more loyal customers are choosing the supplement every year, which has led to “greater usage” and “success” of the brand in Georgia.

Lika added that each year more and more customers are choosing Vitaferol because of its reputation of the Vitamin D that has best quality, high profile of safety and effectiveness. All these led to “greater success” and “frequent usage” of the brand.

Vitaferol has been available in Georgia since 2016.

Q. Vitaferol has once again been awarded the Golden Brand. How has Vitaferol established consumer loyalty and achieved success in the market, in your opinion?

A. I am glad that Vitaferol has maintained its position as the #1 and most favorite vitamin D brand for the second year in a row. Our goal is to improve public health, which is why we have conducted various informational campaigns to promote the culture of usage food supplements, vitamin D as well, for prevention diseases. Today it is widely recognized that taking vitamin D supplements should be a part of daily routine to maintain our health and the health of our children.

In the segment of vitamin D, Vitaferol has gained a reputation for its high quality, safety, and effectiveness. Studies have shown that the number of loyal families, doctors, and experts who choose Vitaferol is increasing every year. This trend has led to greater usage and success of the brand in the country.

Q. You said that in the segment of vitamin D Vitaferol has gained a perfect reputation. Please tell us more about its “quality, safety, and effectiveness”.

A. Vitaferol is a brand that meets the strict requirements of international medical associations and the European Union for food supplements containing vitamin D. It is a premium-quality, highly absorbable, and 100% pure form of vitamin D without any additives, tailored to the needs of the whole family. It is safe and recommended for long-term use by all ages.

Vitaferol is available in convenient forms, making it easy to consume. For instance, Vitaferol drops can be taken from birth, and they come with a certified dropper to ensure accurate dosing, which is especially important for mothers.

Vitaferol Mega D3 is another form that can be taken from the age of 12. It is a gastro-resistant soft capsule safe for everyone, including those with gastrointestinal and other chronic diseases. The variety of forms allows us to adjust the dose seasonally and for individual needs.

Vitaferol is a food supplement that contains emulsified vitamin D, which is absorbed by our body with high efficiency. It is worth highlighting that the brand is produced by Walmark, a European company with over 31 years of experience and a leader in supplement production in Europe. Walmark has been awarded multiple production quality certificates, such as GMP, HACCP, and ISO 13485. Furthermore, Vitaferol has been recommended and tested by the Association of Neonatologists of Georgia and a large group of doctors.

Q. What about sales of Vitaferol in 2023, and what was its share in the total portfolio of ArtPharma?

A. Taking into account the constantly growing portfolio with seasonal brands, the share of Vitaferol in total sales varies between 13-15%.

Generally, there has been a 10% increase in pharmaceutical consumption over the last year. Although the market has a surplus of vitamin D supplements, and many new D vitamins were registered in Georgia last year, sales of Vitaferol continue to rise. This success is due to brand reputation and our effective marketing communication strategy.

With “Vitaferol” we were  the first to introduce the possibilities of vitamin D to the public, establishing the culture of taking it as a food supplement for the purpose of prevention and thereby helping to reduce the harm caused by vitamin D deficiency.

At the same time, we constantly take care of strengthening the reputation of “Vitaferol” as a brand and further increasing its awareness thanks to the variaty of its forms and composition -pure, high-quality, safe and reliable vitamin D offered by the best manufacturer.

Q. Now I would like to address to us with the question concerning ArtPharma – what are the latest developments at the pharmaceutical company?

A. 2023 was an exciting year for us as we successfully brought the renowned Vitrum brand back to Georgia. It is the first European complex of vitamins and minerals that generations have grown up with. We were able to achieve this by collaborating with the German international pharmaceutical company, STADA Group. We are proud to say that Vitrum is now made with German quality and has been updated with new forms and a significantly expanded range. Apart from vitamin complexes, Vitrum now also offers monocomponent lines and a vast selection of D vitamins.

ArtPharma’s objective is to introduce to the Georgian market brands that are highly demandable in Europe, comply with rigorous safety standards, possess international recommendations, and gained recognition within the medical community. By adding Vitrum to our portfolio, we are further aligning with our mission. We can confidently rely on it to cater to the health needs of all family members.

Q. What are your plans for 2024? How will you develop the company?

A. We have already added a new line of self-care products to our ArtPharma portfolio this year by bringing another international French brand to Georgia. After several years of negotiations with Laboratoires Gilbert, we are pleased to offer our customers Neutraderm – the 100% French dermatological brand. This brand offers face, body, and hair care products for the whole family, including newborns and is recommended for daily use. The key feature of the brand is its natural composition. Neutraderm products are made with natural ingredients and tested in a dermatological laboratory. They have patented formulas and have been proven effectiveness in ten-year studies.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturing company Laboratoires Gilbert, which has a heritage of no less than 120 years, has been creating innovations in dermatology for more than a century.

Its leading brand is Neutraderm, which is the leader in the segment of baby care in France. The products will be in the medium price category and that fact will make them affordable for our population. Neutraderm is represented in Georgian pharmacy chains with the same diverse assortment as in more than 20 countries of the world, including America and developed European countries.

Q. What do you think the most relevant product from ArtPharma’s portfolio will be this summer?

A. Although the brands in the ArtPharma portfolio are important throughout the year, Walmark’s Biopron 9 Premium – probiotics intended for the healthy functioning of the digestive system – and Varixinal – intended for venous health and lightness of the lower limbs – will be the most relevant for the summer period.

Q. It has been a year since the reference price system was introduced in Georgia. What comments and recommendations do you have concerning this novation?

A. Reference pricing is a widely accepted practice in developed countries, including Europe. It aims to make pharmaceutical products accessible to the population and protect them from excessive prices. However, in Georgia, the reference pricing system differs from that of European countries and requires improvement. To achieve this, cooperation between the healthcare sector and the private sector is necessary. This will ensure that large global pharmaceutical companies do not leave the Georgian market. As seen in Azerbaijan, many European brands have left the market, leading to a shortage of medicines that was then filled by Indian and Asian products. Our goal is to adopt Western approaches and introduce innovative, recognized European brands, which guarantee quality, safety, and efficiency.

Q. Overall, how would you rate modern pharmaceutical market?

A. The pharmaceutical sector has undergone significant changes due to the implementation of major regulations. These regulations cover various aspects, such as reference pricing, good manufacturing practice, and good distribution practice. As a result, many businesses have faced an unstable environment, leading to the closure of around 50 local production and distribution companies. Despite the challenges, our company has successfully managed to adapt to the changing landscape. Last year we obtained GDP certification and built a modern, European-standard warehouse spanning an area of 3000 sq.m. We keep up with market trends and continue to grow and get stronger.

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