Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

One NATO country admits Putin is ready to lose up to 300000 soldiers

December 17, 2022
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Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to lose up to 300,000 Russian soldiers in the war against Ukraine, a NATO country claims.

This is stated in an investigation of The New York Times about Putin’s war in Ukraine. 

A team of reporters explored one of the central questions of the war in Ukraine: why Russia has handled its invasion so poorly.

According to the article, last month a senior Russian official told CIA Director William Burns that Russia would not surrender, no matter how many of its soldiers were killed or wounded.

“People who know Mr. Putin say he is willing to sacrifice countless lives and treasures for as long as it takes, and in a rare face-to-face meeting with the Americans last month, the Russians wanted to convey a stark message to President Biden: no matter how many Russian soldiers are killed or wounded on the battlefield, Russia will not surrender,” the newspaper writes.

“One NATO member warns allies that Putin may accept the death or injury of up to 300,000 Russian troops – about three times more than the likely losses to date,” the publication says.

The publication notes that from the first days of the invasion, Putin privately admitted that the war did not go according to plan. 

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