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Odaban: Gaining Recognition in Georgia as Favorite Antiperspirant

June 15, 2024
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Odaban, a British antiperspirant, has been gaining popularity in Georgia as a favorite among consumers. Its remarkable effectiveness has resulted in an increasing number of customers every year in the country, becoming a beloved product for many, offering 100% protection with just once-a-week use.

The company currently produces three types of products – Odaban spray, Odaban foot and shoe powder, and Odaban daily use stick – all three quite popular, with Odaban spray being the highest-selling product of the three.

The Odaban team was thrilled to receive the Golden Brand award, having operated in Georgia successfully for fourteen years.

“Winning the award is a testament to the fact that their product is a favorite, which is very rewarding for us,” said Ilia Meskhishvili, the Co-founder of and the Head of the official representative office of Odaban in Georgia.

“Our company serves as the official representative office of Odaban in Georgia, and we maintain a direct relationship with the manufacturer. This enables us to receive updates and news about the product in the shortest time possible.”

Q. How effective is Odaban in treating excessive sweating?

A. Odaban is an incredibly strong and effective medication that helps treat excessive sweating. In most cases, it shows works after the first use! Odaban spray has been available in Europe for 47 years and is recognized as the safest and most effective treatment for excessive sweating.

Odaban contains Aluminium Chloride 20%; Dimethicone Copolyol 193-1% ; Ethanol ‘B’ (DEB).

Q. So how does Odaban actually work and how safe is it to use?

A. Odaban is an absolutely safe product due to its improved silicone formula. Upon application, a protective film is formed on the surface of the body, preventing absorption of aluminum chloride by the body. So Odaban is considered a safe product, even for long-term use.

After using Odaban, the secretion of sweat is regulated. Radioisotope methods have shown that the active components of Odaban do not disrupt the functioning of sweat glands. The drug works by forming an organic barrier on the sweat ducts, which keeps the “problem” area dry. The amount of sweat that should be released during the day and night is then released through urine.

Odaban spray can effectively treat excessive sweating on various parts of the body including the armpits, body, torso, face, hands, feet, scalp, and groin area.

Q. We’ve heard that Odoban is best used at night ⁠— why?

A. Odaban spray is best used at night before going to bed. During this time, the body is the most relaxed and sweat production is at a minimum, making Odaban more effective.

Before using Odaban, it is important to wash the affected area thoroughly and then dry it completely. For complete dryness, you can even use a hair dryer.

After applying Odaban spray at night, if you experience any burning or itching, it is recommended to use baby talcum powder.

It is not necessary to use a large amount of Odaban spray, just one or two sprays on the affected area will suffice.

Initially, use Odaban spray daily and then reduce the frequency of use as needed. You can use it twice a week, once a week or even less often. For hands and feet, a larger amount of spray may be required than for other problem areas.

Q. What was the Odaban team’s reaction to winning the Golden Brand award, and how did they win?

A. The Odaban team was not surprised to win the Golden Brand award, as we have been operating in the Georgian market for 14 years and are already leaders in our segment. We believe the award emphasizes that our product is loved by the people, which is very rewarding for us.

Q. What is the history of Odaban in Georgia? Can you review its operations over the past 14 years?

A. Odaban was created in Great Britain in 1970 and was brought to Georgia in 2011. Its remarkable effectiveness has resulted in an increasing number of customers every year, and over time it has become a beloved product for everyone.

Odaban, with 54 years of British quality, promises 100% protection with just once-a-week use, boosting confidence.

Odaban currently produces three types of products: Odaban spray, Odaban foot and shoe powder, and Odaban daily use stick. All three products are available in the Georgian market and are quite popular. However, Odaban spray is the highest selling product among them.

Odaban’s products are available in all pharmacy chains, and delivery service is also available throughout Georgia.

Q. What makes Odaban unique compared to other antiperspirants?

A. It is safe to say that Odaban is unmatched because no other antiperspirant has a similar safety system.

Odaban, a product created in Great Britain in 1970, is now available in almost every country worldwide. This product has helped many people suffering from hyperhidrosis to eliminate excessive sweating in a safe way, allowing them to return to a healthy and normal lifestyle.

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