Lexus to Exhibit Customized Models Showcasing Diverse Lifestyles at Tokyo Auto Salon and Tokyo Outdoor Show 2023

January 13, 2023
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Lexus will exhibit the “RZ SPORT CONCEPT” and “LX 600 ‘OFFROAD’ TEAM JAOS 2022 ver.” at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, to be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, for three days from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 January 2023. The brand will also debut the “RX OUTDOOR CONCEPT”, “ROV CONCEPT 2” and “GX OUTDOOR CONCEPT” for the first time at the concurrently held Tokyo Outdoor Show 2023.

Tokyo Auto Salon

The two concept cars to be exhibited at the Auto Salon embody the Lexus vision to achieve a carbon neutral society and offer a range of diverse lifestyles, adhering to the corporate concept of “Diverse lifestyles to enjoy with beloved cars” and “Making ever-better motorsports-bred cars”.

RZ SPORT CONCEPT (Produced by Masahiro Sasaki)

The “RZ SPORT CONCEPT” will be on display offering the unique driving experience of a battery EV combined with the joy of customization, while still contributing to the realization of a carbon neutral society. Based on the first dedicated Lexus battery-electric model “RZ”, this model is equipped with high output 150 kw motors in the front and rear to achieve even more powerful driving performance.

The vehicle has been lowered by 35 mm and features custom aero parts, larger diameter tires and full bucket seats in both the front and rear.

Under the supervision of racing driver Masahiro Sasaki, who was involved in the development of the RZ, this model offers improved driving performance and the added joy of customization. The exterior color “HAKUGIN” is based on a pure, clear white base that produces a delicate shining texture when illuminated by light, while the blue accent color evokes the clean and dynamic performance of battery EVs, accentuating the sporty image.

RZ SPORT CONCEPT (Produced by Masahiro Sasaki)
RZ SPORT CONCEPT (Produced by Masahiro Sasaki)

LX 600 “OFFROAD” TEAM JAOS 2022 ver.

The LX 600 “OFFROAD” TEAM JAOS 2022 ver. from TEAM JAOS, operated by JAOS Co., Ltd., that participated in the 2022 BAJA1000, will also be exhibited.

The BAJA1000 is one of the world’s toughest off-road races, with less than half of the competitors finishing each year―all those who do finish are said to be winners because of the grueling, non-stop race over approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 km) off-road from start-to-finish.

The vehicle entered in the competition was modified according to the “Stock Full Class (unmodified production vehicle class)” regulations with a primary focus on safety enhancements.

The BAJA1000 project with TEAM JAOS is still ongoing as part of a three-year project. The competition vehicle continues to evolve as it accumulates racing experience.

The vehicle will be on display at the TGR booth in the East Hall during the event.

LX 600 "OFFROAD" TEAM JAOS 2022 ver.
LX 600 “OFFROAD” TEAM JAOS 2022 ver.

RZ SPORT CONCEPT (Produced by Masahiro Sasaki)

Base Vehicle

  • Lexus RZ


  • Dimensions (compared to base vehicle) Overall length 4,883 (+78) mm x Overall width 1,985 (+90) mm x Overall height 1,600 (-35) mm
  • Torque Not measured
  • Output 150 kw for both front and rear
  • Drivetrain DIRECT4

Body color



  • Custom aero parts (front and rear bumper lower / side rocker aero parts, front and hood aero openings, rear twin carbon spoiler, overfenders)


  • 4-seat full bucket seats

Tires & Wheels

  • 295/35R21 tires 21 inch / 11J wheels (Volk Racing GT090)


  • Custom (35 mm lowered)

LX 600 “OFFROAD” TEAM JAOS 2022 ver.

Base vehicle


  • Dimensions (compared to base vehicle) Overall length 5,380 (+280) mm x Overall width 2,090 (+100) mm x Overall height 2,060 (+175) mm
  • Powertrain 3.5L V6 twin-turbo
  • Transmission Direct Shift-10AT


  • JAOS Over fender TYPE-R 20MM (Made of CFRP), Under guard (Competition spec), Front tube bumper (Competition spec), Rear tube bumper (Competition spec), Mud guard III Black (Competition spec)
  • IPF LED Light bar 600 series


  • Okuyama steel roll cage
  • Toyota Boshoku sport seat MSH-001
  • ICE FUSE fuses, wires, bolts, and terminals
  • PCI (Race radio, RaceAir)

Tires & Wheels

  • TOYO TIRES Open Country R/T 35 x 12.5R17LT
  • JAOS TRIBE CROSS 17 x 8.0J + 20 (Competition spec)


  • BATTLEZ coil springs Ti-W (Competition spec)
  • BATTLEZ VF-R shock absorbers by KYB (Competition spec)


  • Moty’s motor oil
  • Project Mu brake system

Tokyo Outdoor Show

Toward achieving a carbon-neutral society and based on a desire to deliver outdoor experiences that help people understand, enjoy, and protect nature, Lexus is initiating the “OVERTRAIL PROJECT”, which offers the fun of cars and which provides various experiences.

The name “OVERTRAIL*1” expresses Lexus’ desire to closely respond to a wide range of outdoor lifestyles, from casual outdoor activities such as picnics and camping in neighborhood parks that can be easily enjoyed to off-road activities such as those on mountain trails, snow-covered roads, and in deserts, as well as to full-scale overlanding involving freely traveling in difficult-to-access areas.

At the Tokyo Outdoor Show, Lexus is exhibiting its “RX OUTDOOR CONCEPT”, which is based on the new Lexus RX 450h+ that launched in November 2022 and which features exclusive equipment and gear for the more-comfortable enjoyment of outdoor lifestyles, and its “ROV CONCEPT 2”, which is equipped with ROV*2 rough-road drivability and a hydrogen engine, combining environmental friendliness and driving fun in which one can feel the pulse of a genuine engine.

Both concept models are stylishly color-coordinated in the exclusive exterior color “Regolith*3“, which combines matte texture, brilliance, and toughness.

Also on display is the “GX OUTDOOR CONCEPT”, which is based on the Lexus GX 460 sold in North America and the Middle East that has special equipment and gear that make possible an authentic outdoor experience even in harsh environments.



Base Vehicle

  • Lexus RX 450h+


  • Dimensions (compared to base vehicle) Overall length 4,890 (±0) mm x Overall width 1,920 (±0) mm x Overall height 1,720 (+20) mm
  • Overall height with roof top in place 1,930 (+210) mm
  • Overall height with roof top in use 3,310 (+1,590) mm
  • Powertrain 2.5L inline 4-cylinder plug-in hybrid system
  • Drivetrain E-Four (electric 4-wheel drive system)

Body color

  • Regolith*3


  • Black painted grill
  • Original aluminum skid plate
  • LED lights
  • Black painted bumper lower
  • KC light (bumper side)


  • Black stainless steel window moldings
  • Black door handles
  • Dark brown arch molding
  • Rocker Black paint
  • Mudguard
  • 265/60R18 All-terrain tire 18 inch / 7.5J wheel (RAYS FDXF7S)


  • Metallic black painted bumper lower


  • Custom aluminum rack
  • Roof top tent (FELDON SHELTER Hawk Nest)



  • Dimensions Overall length 3,120 mm x Overall width 1,725 mm x Overall height 1,800 mm
  • Powertrain 1.0L inline 3-cylinder DOHC4 valve
  • Fuel Compressed hydrogen gas
  • Transmission Sequential paddle shift + reverse
  • Drivetrain Selectable 2WD & 4WD with differential lock
  • Seating capacity 2 passengers

Body color

  • Regolith*3


  • Aluminum skid plate
  • Black painted bumper lower / rocker panel
  • Lexus signature lamps (front / rear)
  • Roof light bar
  • Custom suspension (adjustable damping force)
  • Airless tires


  • Genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Genuine leather-wrapped assist grip (passenger seat)
  • Exclusive shift knob (machined aluminum)
  • Suspension seat
  • Four-point seat belts


Base Vehicle

  • Lexus GX 460


  • Body size Overall length 4,880 (±0) mm x Overall width 1,880 (±0) mm x Overall height 1,880 (±0) mm
  • Overall height with roof top tent (stored) 2,400 (+520) mm
  • Overall height with rooftop tent (in use) 3,260 (+1,380) mm
  • Overall width with ladder extended 3,830 (+1,950) mm
  • Powertrain 4.6L V8 DOHC engine
  • Drivetrain AWD

Body color

  • Terrain khaki mica metallic

Interior / Exterior

  • CBI Off road (front bumper, front skid plate, mid-skid plate, rocker protection, roof rack, etc.)
  • Yakima roof top tent
  • Rigid light bar (bumper, roof rack)
  • WARN Electrical winch
  • Old Man Emu (suspension, upper control arm)
  • TOYO TIRES Open Country M/T LT275/65R18

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