Tamta Kalandadze
Tamta Kalandadze, Brand Manager at BMS

BMS Brand Manager Vows to Strengthen Pasta Reggia’s Position as ‘One of Top Pasta Brands’ in Georgia

June 15, 2024
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Pasta Reggia, one of the leading pasta brands in Italy, is set to solidify its position in the Georgian market this year. Drawing on its wealth of knowledge and experience, BMS, the Georgian company which imports and distributes Pasta Reggia in the country, aims to expand the range of offerings catering to the evolving tastes of Pasta Reggia customers.

Additionally, the company plans to expand its distribution channels, ensuring that every customer across Georgia has access to their exceptional products. With these ambitious plans, Pasta Reggia is poised to capture an even greater market share and continue being a dominant force in the pasta industry.

“We will do our utmost to consolidate Pasta Reggia’s position as one of the top pasta brands on the market. We intend to expand Pasta Reggia’s product range and increase distribution channels to reach every customer all across Georgia,” Tamta Kalandadze, Brand Manager at BMS, told Golden Brand.

Q. How has Pasta Reggia maintained the title of favorite pasta in Georgia?

A. Pasta Reggia is a popular brand of pasta that is committed to maintaining its status as people’s favorite. To achieve this, the manufacturer prioritizes the use of only the highest quality wheat – durum – which is known for its superior texture and taste.

Additionally, Pasta Reggia collaborates regularly with customers to understand their preferences and offer the desired product. The brand’s marketing campaigns aim to raise awareness of the traditional Italian quality and manufacturing techniques used in the production of Pasta Reggia, which has helped it maintain its popularity and earn the Gold Brand title.

Q. What new products did Pasta Reggia introduce in 2023?

A. In 2023, Pasta Reggia experienced significant growth and success in various areas. We have introduced two new lines of pasta, including an organic or bio line and another made from coarse grain, cut in a bronze machine. The uniqueness of this line is its texture.

In response to customer demand, we have expanded our product portfolio. Our strong partnership with our supplier, as well as the improvement of our inventory system, has given us a great opportunity to gain success on the retail market and traditional trade channels throughout the country.

Q. What are the plans for Pasta Reggia this year?

A. We will make every effort this year to solidify Pasta Reggia’s position as one of the top pasta brands on the market, building on the knowledge and experience gained in previous years. Our plan is to broaden Pasta Reggia’s product range, providing customers with fresh and original products, and to enhance our distribution channels to reach all customers across Georgia.

Q. What types of pasta products does Pasta Reggia offer, and what other products are available under the Reggia brand name?

A. Pasta Reggia offers a wide range of high-quality pasta products that cater to all tastes.

Our portfolio includes classic pasta shapes such as spaghetti, penne, fusilli, rigatoni, fettuccine, linguine, and farfalle.

Apart from pasta, we also offer tomato paste, sliced and peeled tomatoes, and ready-made sauces for pasta dishes under the Reggia brand name.

Each Pasta Reggia product is made with a special technology that consistently maintains quality and authentic Italian taste.

Q. What are the three most popular among Pasta Reggia products and what are their unique features?

A. Among the Pasta Reggia products, three classic shapes stand out as the top-selling choices. – spaghetti, fusilli, and penne.

Spaghetti is a popular choice among customers because of its versatility and ability to blend well with sauces.

Fusilli and penne, on the other hand, are perfect for combining with meat and vegetables. Both shapes are visually interesting and appealing to both children and adults alike.

Q. How saturated is the Georgian market with pasta and what is Pasta Reggia’s advantage?

A. There are about sixty brands from various countries in Georgia, so the competition is quite stiff, increasing the challenge for us to supply high-quality pasta.

Pasta Reggia has many advantages ⁠—  we provide geographical and financial availability. We all remember that during and after the pandemic the price of cereals increased quite a bit, and so did the price of pasta. We have tried our best to raise prices minimally and maintain existing prices for as long as possible. Of course, the supplier helped us with this.

Due to rapid development and busy lifestyles, consumers often prepare dishes requiring little time and skill. Pasta is a particularly suitable product. The advantage of Pasta Reggia lies in its high quality and manufacturing technology. As I mentioned before, the pasta is produced with pure durum wheat semolina, water, and without any preservatives, because it is the drying of the product that allows it to be kept naturally.

The grains used in production are carefully selected – always wheat varieties of Italian and European origin. And modern production technology ensures product safety. That is why Pasta Reggia is a company committed to tradition and quality.

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