Kerem Yelsal, Export Marketing Manager
Kerem Yelsal, Export Marketing Manager

Betek Establishing Robust Distribution Network to Ensure Wide Availability of Its Products in Georgia

June 25, 2023
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Turkish company Betek is continuing to increase its brand awareness in Georgia by keeping marketing investments active, planning to establish a “robust” distribution network and “push our limits with confidence and dedication” this year, Kerem Yelsal, Export Marketing Manager, told Golden Brand.

“Our distribution network will continue to be our muscle by establishing a robust distribution network to ensure wide availability of our products across Georgia and involving partnerships with our local distributors to effectively reach customers in different regions”, he said, adding that “we also aim to increase our investment in marketing and advertising efforts to raise brand awareness and create a positive perception of the company and its products among Georgian consumers.”

Betek has two brands in Georgia, paint manufacturer Betek and cement-based tile and ceramic adhesive brand Betek Fayfiks. Betek has been in Georgia since 1995, and Betek Fayfiks since 2005.

Both brands have won Georgia’s prestigious and influential business award, the Golden Brand. Golden Brand interviewed Yelsal to find out the company’s plans for the Georgian market.

Q. In general, what would you say about the Georgian market, how healthy is the competition here and how fast is the Georgian market growing?

A. In terms of the speed of growth in the Georgian market, the construction industry is expected to experience a steady growth rate in the coming years.

As a Betek company, we are planning to increase our investments and push our limits with confidence and dedication in 2023. Additionally, the Georgian government has taken several measures to promote foreign investment in the country. We believe that this support further encourages the growth of the industry. 

We will continue conducting thorough market research to understand the dynamics, trends, and demands of the Georgian market, including analyzing customer preferences, competitor analysis, and potential growth areas.

Q. How favorable is the business environment in Georgia in your opinion?

A. There are some critical points that highlight favorable aspects for businesses operating in Georgia. Georgia’s geographical position as a bridge between Europe and Asia presents opportunities for businesses involved in logistics, transportation and trade.

Georgia has entered into free trade agreements, for example with Türkiye, which provide businesses with access to diverse markets and potential trade benefits. 

These reforms include streamlining business registration processes, tax burden reduction, and strong property rights. We believe that these reforms have a healthy effect on our business.

Q. Georgian customers have named Betek their favorite brand in Georgia. What brought Betek this recognition?

A. Since we got here, we have steadily increased our activities in line with the country’s dynamics. Through studies on product portfolio, market demands, nationwide availability, and service quality, we have established Betek in its current position.

Furthermore, we recently opened a new powder group – Fayfiks factory for our distributor, supported by Betek, in Tbilisi. With a spacious production floor and advanced quality control systems, the factory ensures that we maintain the highest standards of product excellence. Its strategic location in Tbilisi provides convenient access to transportation networks, enabling us to streamline distribution and reach our customers in a timely manner. This significant investment not only demonstrates our commitment to supporting our distributor’s success but also reinforces our position as a leading provider of quality powder group products in the region.

In addition to these efforts, we have consistently invested in marketing activities to raise brand awareness in Georgia over the years. Our primary goal has always been to create a perception of quality among consumers when it comes to Betek, and we have achieved this through our continuous efforts.

Q. Golden Brand is given to the brands following the successful operations of the previous year. Please summarize 2022.

A. Despite the challenges of rising global political tension and tightening financial markets, we have built on our growth momentum and continued to invest in Betek. We have increased our communication excellence with our consumers in Georgia. Additionally, we believe that we have successfully met consumer expectations to the highest level through various sales campaigns throughout the year. 

Q. How have Betek sales increased in Georgia over the past year?

A. We achieved remarkable success in our sales performance last year. Through strategic marketing initiatives, strong customer relationships, and innovative product offerings, we exceeded the sales targets, demonstrating impressive growth in our revenue. Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions, deliver value to their customers, and execute effective sales strategies contributed to our outstanding sales results and reaffirmed our position in industry.

Q. What are your expectations for 2023?

A. In 2022, we launched some new innovative products  which feature advanced technology.  Thanks to this,  we increased our market share against competitors and built our brand awareness successfully. We have high expectations for our brand in 2023.

We are also closely monitoring changes in consumer habits and improving our new and advanced technology product line thanks to our strong R&D background. Our aim is to inspire end consumers and lead the market by meeting their evolving needs and preferences.

Q. Please tell us what makes Betek unique and why Georgian customers prefer it?

A. Since its start, Betek has been providing products that are known for their exceptional durability. Our production processes adhere to high standards, as evidenced by various certifications, making us a reliable choice. In addition, our wide product availability, reliable after-sales service, and competitive pricing are key factors that set Betek apart from its competitors, and keep us one step ahead in the market. 

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