Savannah Guthrie and Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Chugs a Beer with Savannah Guthrie on ‘Today’ to ‘Pre-Game’ the NYC Marathon

November 5, 2022
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“I went to college!” Ashton Kutcher exclaimed as he finished chugging a beer with Savannah Guthrie on Today before running the New York City Marathon on Sunday

Ashton Kutcher is carbo-loading ahead of his big race.

The That ’70s Show alum, 44, went head-to-head with Savannah Guthrie in a beer-chugging contest Friday on Today as he prepares to run the New York City Marathon. His run on Sunday will raise money for his foundation Thorn, which protects children from sex trafficking.

“It’s incredible, the work, the foundation, I really hope people do look into it. You’re running for a good cause, not just the sheer joy of running 26.2 miles, which I want you to remember the sheer joy,” Guthrie said.

“I mentioned your wife [Mila Kunis] was here, and she told Willie Geist that there was a chafing issue you had experienced,” she continued, as Kutcher admitted: “Yeah, my nipples were falling off. I’ll be honest about it.”

Guthrie’s co-host Carson Daly then brought out some Vaseline to fix the issue, along with two draft glasses of beer.

“It’s pre-game. You’re carbo-loading,” Guthrie, 49, explained as Daly, noted: “That’s how you get those last 0.2 miles, right there.”

After Guthrie said that marathon winners “always chug” a beer beforehand, Kutcher asked if she would join him. “I will chug it with you if you chug it, if you down the whole thing,” he said.

The NBC News co-anchor obliged, downing the beer with Kutcher on live television. Finishing just a split second before Guthrie, Kutcher remarked: “I went to college!”

“So did I,” Guthrie exclaimed as they shared a high five, before clutching her stomach and adding: “I feel terrible. Don’t do that at home!”

Kutcher’s morning libation came after he told PEOPLE that he does “genuinely enjoy running,” noting that he’s motivated by one child that his Thorn foundation has been searching for for more than two years.

“I put that kid on the other side of the finish line,” Kutcher said last month, tearing up. “I know she’s out there and I want her to know that somebody’s coming for her.”

After conceiving the idea for Thorn with his then-wife Demi Moore 15 years ago, Kutcher is celebrating the organization’s 10th anniversary and hoping to use the NYC Marathon to get people’s attention on the issue.

“Doing it in the context of the New York Marathon opens it up in a way that you go, ‘Okay, well let’s talk about the marathon first,’ because people like talking about running a marathon,” Kutcher explained. “It’s our crazy thing that people do.

Then when we talk about that first, it creates a bridge to have a conversation about this, to have a conversation about the conversation parents should be having with their children.”

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