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4 ways to use Google Wallet around the world

November 18, 2022
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When we launched Google Wallet earlier this year, we wanted to give as many people as possible access to a secure digital wallet. So today we’re bringing it to 12 more countries, making Wallet available in 57 countries total.

Text reads “Find Google Wallet in your corner of the world” and shows both a map and list of the 57 countries where Google Wallet is available. Google Wallet

We’ve already seen how handy it’s been in all the usual places you’d use a digital wallet — plus some others, like attending concerts with friends. Let’s look at four different ways you can use Google Wallet around the world.

  1. Make quick, secure payments from your watch: Last month we added Wallet to the Google Pixel Watch so you can easily make contactless payments. And starting today, anyone with a Fitbit Sense 2 or Versa 4 can pay with just a tap of their wrist.
  2. Tap and pay on public transit: If you’re one of the millions of people who commute by public transportation, you can use Wallet to tap and pay in hundreds of cities around the world. In Japan, we recently added support for PASMO on mobile devices and launched Suica on the Google Pixel Watch.
  3. Save mobile tickets for events and shows: We’re partnering with many companies — including Ticketmaster, Thaiticketmajor in Thailand, Cinemaxx in Germany and Ticketek, Humanitix and Oztix in Australia — so Android users can add mobile event tickets to their Wallet. My daughters are big Taylor Swift fans, so I’ll be trying out this feature for her tour next year.
  4. Access boarding passes: There’s so much to keep track of before a flight. So we partner with airlines like AirAsia, Air France, China Air, Ryanair and United Airlines to help travelers easily save and access their mobile boarding passes in Wallet. You can even save multiple boarding passes if you’re traveling with family or friends. Pro tip: To quickly add your boarding pass, just take a screenshot of it on your Pixel phone and tap “Add to Google Wallet.”

These are just some ways you can use Google Wallet throughout your day. As Wallet expands to more places around the world, look out for even more features to easily access what you need.

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