Samsung Takes Sustainable Living to the Next Level at CES 2023

New innovations unlock more ways for consumers to save energy, cut costs, and reduce their impact on the environment
January 18, 2023
2 mins read

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced innovations designed to bring about a new era of sustainable living. With services like SmartThings Energy setting new standards for household efficiency, Samsung’s latest Bespoke home appliances empower users to save both energy and money. Together with technologies including a new wash cycle and filter that significantly reduce microplastic emissions from washers, Samsung’s newest advancements make it easier than ever for consumers to reduce their impact on the environment and support the health of the planet.

“The technologies we’re unveiling at CES 2023 place sustainability at the core of the user experience,” said Moohyung Lee, EVP and Head of the R&D Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our ambition is to become the most energy-efficient appliance brand globally, and our latest products and partnerships will help make sustainable living a reality for more people and more communities.”

SmartThings Maximizes Energy Savings

With more than 80 million connected devices,[1] the SmartThings platform continues to expand while unlocking more ways for users to reduce their carbon footprint at home.

Now, SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode[2] is more powerful than ever, offering support for more devices and regions and even more significant energy savings. This includes up to 15% more savings for compatible refrigerators,[3] up to 20% for compatible air conditioners,[4] and up to 35% for compatible washers[5] on select cycles.[6]

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Industry’s First Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS) Certification

Samsung’s efforts to enrich and expand SmartThings Energy have led the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to award Samsung the industry’s first mass-market Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS) certification. The certification recognizes smart home appliances and services that manage and automate connected devices to help consumers gain insights into their energy use, thereby inspiring energy-saving behavior, reducing costs, and helping to facilitate demand response measures that minimize stress on the grid.

The EPA has also awarded base model Samsung home appliances 260 ENERGY STAR® certifications, including 43 “Most Efficient” recognitions.[7] Samsung is a long-standing leader with more than a decade of ENERGY STAR award leadership, and a rare recipient of the prestigious ENERGY STAR Corporate Commitment Award.

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Making Net Zero Homes a Reality – Offering Households the Ultimate in Energy Efficiency

To empower more people to enjoy energy independence at home, Samsung has unveiled the next phase of its net zero home initiative: the Smart City Project. Working with Sterling Ranch and its long-time technology partner Siemens, the Smart City Project will help establish Sterling Ranch as a master-planned sustainable housing community designed to house 30,000 residents in Littleton, Colorado.

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SmartThings Energy will serve as the residents’ primary interactive app to monitor data, with Samsung appliances offering residents real-time insights on their energy, water and natural gas use. Throughout the community, solar panels and household batteries will produce and store energy, while energy-efficient appliances reduce power and monitor water use to save resources. Together with smart infrastructure solutions from Siemens paired with smart home and energy optimization solution from Resideo Technologies, Samsung technologies will make it easier for the residents of Sterling Ranch to enjoy a net-zero lifestyle.

Samsung’s collaboration with Resideo, extends beyond the Smart City Project. Samsung and Resideo are exploring an opportunity to integrate Samsungs appliances with Resideo’s smart grid solutions to connect customers with energy management programs in California and Texas. In the future, this work could help make more communities smart-grid ready by expanding Resideo’s best-in-class demand response offering and optimizing SmartThings Energy’s savings.

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