Samsung Focuses on Integrators at CEDIA 2022 Debuting New Products and Enhanced Programs

October 8, 2022
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From new screens that offer unprecedented versatility, to a new platform that streamlines product assets, Samsung’s CI offerings are stronger than ever

In time for CEDIA Expo 2022, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is expanding its broadest product portfolio to provide integrators with more leading products and solutions to exceed their clients’ needs. This year’s innovations include Samsung’s new flagship Neo QLED 4K and Samsung OLED 4K TVs, The Wall All-in-One – the latest addition to the growing lineup of The Wall models – and the groundbreaking new gaming screen, Odyssey Ark. Samsung is also unveiling its Microsite Builder, a seamless, valuable tool for partners that assists integrators in building out detailed and trackable assets for their own websites.

More Product Options Than Ever Before


To further expand its 2022 home entertainment lineup, Samsung unveils the new 98” Neo QLED QN100B 4K flagship TV. Building off the critically acclaimed QN90B 4K TV, the QN100B is the most powerful 4K TV ever created for the home. This dynamic TV delivers an illuminating 5,000 nits of peak brightness – perfect for any home environment -and is equipped with built-in 120W, 6.4.4-channel Dolby Atmos surround sound. At just 19.9mm thick, this full-metal enclosed TV is one of Samsung’s despite its size.

MicroLED and The Wall

To meet the needs of commercial clients, and high-end luxury customers, Samsung recently unveiled a new model within The Wall lineup that simplifies installation and features a traditional TV display-like form factor. This enormous high-definition screen transforms any room in a luxury residence to a one-of-a-kind, fully immersive experience. The Wall All-in-One includes everything needed—from the control box and wall brackets to speakers and deco bezels. No additional purchases or components are required—getting your display up and running fast. The Wall All-in-One provides a smooth, seamless viewing experience, every time. Available in just two sizes 110” and 146” delivering up to 4K resolution.

Samsung OLED

Samsung’s 2022 portfolio includes the revolutionary S95B Samsung OLED 4K TV, which incorporates Quantum Dot technology to achieve higher peak brightness that approaches QLED TVs,  exceeds traditional competitive OLED models, while maintaining the near perfect blacks of existing OLED TVs. With roughly 8.3 million specially engineered self-illuminating pixels, the S95B Samsung OLED delivers limitless contrast and with its Neural Quantum Processor, all content is automatically upscaled to 4K by 20 AI-powered neural networks for an incredibly bright and vivid display. Samsung OLED offers integrators more screen options than ever before to better meet their valued clients’ wide variety of needs.


The Frame is updated with an anti-reflective screen to make artwork more realistic than previously thought possible. The Frame and other Lifestyle TVs are designed to blend into the home aesthetic with customizable and versatile options. Also present, will be Samsung’s incredible portable solution, The Freestyle. Developed around Samsung’s “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All” concept, The Freestyle is perfect for hosting outdoor movie nights, travel and even for parties with its built-in lighting capabilities.


The world’s first 55-inch, 4K curved gaming screen, the Samsung Odyssey Ark, will be showcased at CEDIA as well. Built to deliver a cinematic gaming experience, the Odyssey Ark is a perfect option for integrators to offer the ultimate gaming experience to their clients. It delivers impressive 4K gaming performance with 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, but what makes it especially unique is its ability to rotate the 1000R curved display into Cockpit Mode for multi-tasking superiority across multiple screens stacked vertically.

Soundbars and More

In audio, Samsung will showcase its flagship 11.1.4ch HW-Q990B soundbar that delivers deep surround sound for virtually any space in the home. A perfect solution for integrators looking to provide audio solutions for secondary spaces in the client’s home.

“Samsung continues to demonstrate its leadership within the consumer and business space with its broad portfolio of next-generation products that provide integrators with best-in-class solutions. Our latest enhancements to The Wall as well as the introduction of the Odyssey Ark, exemplifies Samsung’s dedication in providing top-of-the-line technology that is easy to use and provides an immersive experience,” said Harry Patz Jr., Senior Vice President and General Manager, Display Division at Samsung Electronics America.

Enhanced Program Experiences

New for this year, Samsung’s Microsite Builder is a valuable tool for partners that lets them build out detailed and trackable product assets for their websites, including Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TVs and The Terrace outdoor TV. The simple solution provides a seamless end-user experience and, for the integrator, provides insights and encourages sales.

“Our high performing product portfolio keeps the integrity of our core promise to partners by strengthening dealers’ ability to satisfy the diverse needs of their clients. In addition, our programs let us collaborate closely with them to achieve shared success,” said Jim Mayo, Executive Director of Custom Install Channel/Strategy at Samsung Electronics America. “This alliance has helped us achieve #1 market share in this industry. We’re proud and appreciative of the partnerships that have brought us here.”

Samsung’s Platinum Program continues to offer comprehensive regional distribution support and provides Samsung’s partners with simplified access to consumer and commercial product under one umbrella—making it easier than ever for integrators to spec jobs based on client need.

CEDIA 2022 attendees can virtually experience these innovations in display technologies, new audio products, and the latest in connectivity online at

Check out Samsung’s CEDIA booth #14017 and sound room at #SR17 For more information, visit

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