BMW F10 M5

Current BMW F10 M5 Pricing

April 2, 2024
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Pricing for the F10 M5 currently falls between a new Mitsubishi Mirage ($16,695) and a new M3 ($76,000). That’s not bad for a car that debuted with an MSRP of around $92,000. The sweet spot is really the $25K—$35K mark—less if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and DIY deferred maintenance.

Manual transmission cars will cost more and hold value better, but it’s worth it. The same goes for cars equipped with the Competition Package. With numerous enhancements over the standard car, it goes a long way to making the F10 M5 more of a driver’s car. There are also a few special editions of the F10 M5 – like the 30 Jahre Edition and Pure Metal Silver Edition. They all come with Comp Package goodies and will also command premiums that you should see if it comes time to resell.

What’s the Catch?


While the vehicle’s performance capabilities are impressive, the F10 M5 is not without problems. The car is heavy, tipping the scales at around 4,350 pounds. That’s 300ish more than its predecessor and only 50 or so less than the outgoing F90 M5. It’s also just a big vehicle overall – it’s not a sports car, and you can’t really drive it like one. Luckily, plenty of power and good steering (and good transmission options) still make it feel special when behind the wheel. It’s also, generally, more comfortable to drive than both of those other M5s.

The F10 M5 is the complete BMW ownership experience. What that means is expensive parts and time-consuming jobs that can quickly run out of control. The car (engine, really) is notorious for faulty valve stem seals, which can be a $10K+ job if you’re not doing the work yourself. VANOS solenoids, spark plugs, ignition coils, a leaky PCV system, and fuel pumps are items that typically will need replacement – no way around it. Some rod bearing issues persist, too, though it isn’t something I’d consider to be a common issue.

The BMW F10 M5 is Worth Checking Out


So, it’s big and heavy and expensive to keep running like new. But it feels great from behind the wheel and puts some serious power down. The technology is a good balance of new and old, too – so you won’t struggle to pair up your phone or have to deal with particularly clumsy iDrive controls.

As long as you don’t let the vehicle’s low cost of entry hoodwink you into believing it’s a “cheap” car, the F10 M5 is definitely worth considering. While it likely won’t ascend to legendary status like the E39 M5 and doesn’t have the zero-to-60 cred of the F90 M5, the F10 is a great car with its own high points. And, thankfully, its flaws have continued to keep prices low – so far. Get one before you can’t.

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